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How to check keyword competition of any keyword 

How To Do Keyword Research For Blog

It was 2018 And After lots of struggling with my blogging career. I get to know about Micro Niche and Blogging. I got some ideas about How to check Low Completion keywords and then how to make a blog on it  (this is what we call micro-niche Blogging) from a pro blogger. I was excited about it.

So I Bought an Ahref Account From a Reseller for Rs 100$ and start my Researching. I was fully Depended On Ahref data because at that time I didn't know much about how to Check the Competition of Any keyword. I just only knew that if Ahref shows keyword difficulty less than 10 or 5 or maybe 0 Then it means the keyword is easy to rank.

So I started putting keywords on the Ahref Search tool and suddenly I got a Keyword whose Ahref Difficulty was "10". So I chose that keyword for my first micro niche blogging.

How To Find Low Computation Keywords


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The keyword was "HDFC Credit Card Status". So I bought a Hosting and an EMD domain (Exact Match Domain). I made 1600+ article on it and posted on Homepage. After some time I start putting Supportive articles. and then I took some social signals and then I made some good context backlinks.

after some days my all articles got indexed but I didn't get any ranking nor any Traffic. I still waited for more times but still didn't get any response.

with this, I wasted my 6 months. I was upset about it because now the position was showing but it was in the 68th position. I was like 68th? because I did everything stepwise which that pro blogger tolled me.

I understood that I did something wrong because usually, it takes 2-3 months to rank a micro-niche blog. so I posted about my problem in many blogging forums. after sometimes of research. I got to know the real way of keyword research and I also got to know that I picked the wrong keyword to rank.

I applied the way of keyword researching again on my keyword and rechecked. and I got that it was a very high competitive keyword. I was fighting with HDFC, PAISABAZAAR, BANKBAZAAR, CREDIT MANGTRI, Etc. to get rank on 1st page (these are high-authority websites in a financial niche). and that was why I was stuck in the same position,

but still, I was trying to fight ( and it was my biggest mistake). I took this on my ego and I started to buy links on high authority websites. like Tedx, and news websites.

After some months I got the position of my blog on 1st page and 4th rank. I outranked the high authority websites like bank bazaar and paisa bazaar. but guess what happened? the Traffic CTR Was low. for example, if 100 people searched the keyword I got 2 visits from them on a search engine. that was also a weakness of that keyword.  I was getting 0.10-0.15$ CPC on my blog (that's the other thing.) but overall I didn't get the expected returns. I didn't even recover my invested amount.

That's why I always see ROI before making any blog. but after this, I learned lots of things. 

How To Check Competiton Of Any Keyword


Never Go with Any Tool competition data.


 If the keyword has more than 2-3 words then search that keyword on google with quotes. like this "Xyz keyword" and check how many results are showing in google. if it's showing less than 50k then go with it. it shows how many websites are using the exact keyword on their content".


 Check the top 10 ranked websites manually of that keyword. if there are news websites or other authority websites that are ranking then leave the keyword.


If there are forums like quora and youtube videos are ranking then you can easily out-rank them.


 If you are seeing EMDs websites on 1st page are ranking then check the age of that domains and also check where they made the backlinks. you can also outrank them.


 If news websites are ranking on the 2nd page still you can go with it. and check the quality of the articles of Websites. you can outrank them by writing more lengthy and quality articles.

so mainly I just want to say that check the keyword competition manually on google there is no other way to check the competition of any keyword. check the websites. how many articles they have, are they news websites, how many backlinks referring to their page. etc.

and yes never check the authority of any website with DA PA. in my case my hdfc credit card status blog was just at DA 11 and still they outranked many 80+ DA websites.

So I hope you will get some idea to check the competition of keywords from this article.

( If you need more articles like this then please give a comment to this article) 

keep learning and keep blogging.

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