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We will know here that SEO Friendly Blog because most of them make blogs, they will do theme customization, they will also create pages, but the art of writing blogs should also come to us.

Once we learn to write down an SEO-friendly and user-friendly blog post, then only traffic will come to our blog, and only then people will read our blog and Google also will bring it up within the program, then we'll be ready to achieve the sector of blogging.

  • How To Write A Blog

  •  Ways To Write A Blog

  •  Long Lail Keyword

  •  Focus Keywords

  •  Blog Title

  •  Blog Heading

  •  Feature Image for Blog

Here we'll learn to try to keyword research for our blog post and place those keywords in our blog post and also skills the Title, Tag, Description, and have images are going to be.

And at an equivalent time, we'll also skill to try to interlinking or outbound links, the way to provides a link to the location in your post because it's also vital for an SEO-friendly blog post.

We have to try to do keyword research before writing a blog, for instance, I'm getting to write a blog, then I will be able to collect more keywords associated with it by putting this keyword in any keyword research tool.

 Now out of these keywords, which we discover the foremost attractive keyword, I will be able to put it within the title, then I will be able to put the opposite keyword within the permalink and while writing the remainder of the blog, I will be able to mention it within the article.

If you are doing not have any keyword research tool, you'll also do keyword research on Google. for instance, the way to Create A Blog, will search this keyword by putting it in Google and if you attend rock bottom, then you'll see more keywords associated with it.

You'll also understand by watching this post of mine, what keywords I even have entered in Title, permalink or slug and article.

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