My Maths Hack

Hello guys and welcome to a new post how to hack my maths this is going to be the first article of all the ones I've done on here and these are for actual.

My Maths Hack:

My maths may be a whole school interactive resource to be used within the classroom and reception that's easy to use alongside the other maths resources to consolidate learning. It provides support with children’s learning in maths both in class and reception.

A whole school solution that sits perfectly alongside all UK National Curriculum that's easy to use alongside the other maths resources and schemes.

Activities develop pupils’ confidence and fluency in maths, through many lessons and self-marking homework tasks, worksheets, and games.

The online Assessment Manager helps us to ascertain, at a look, all activity completed by pupils, allowing teachers to track progress.

Natural quizzes not just for games, so the first thing you'll need is Firefox Programs.

It's just Firefox, so the first thing that you want to do is you're going to click on the test you want to do so I'm only on practice here. Still, it works on homework two it's let's say I want to do this one click on it and try the homework or the worksheet and it should load up now what you're going to do is work out or work out one of them, so you want to find the easiest one and then yeah work it out so I'm going to do I don't.

540 times 96 and you're just going to work out you need to get one correct so 5 1 8

Okay so now that you've worked one out are you going to let market and bend or you're going to need to do now is press control-shift die and that should open.

Up the developer tools if that doesn't work click on the three tools web developer and then I think it was inspector no double tools and then that will open it okay so if you're not.

Already click over to the Network tab and leave on there and you can drag that to the side or put it down minimize
it whatever you want to do so now what you're going to do is mark every question, but you need to make sure you get at least one correct on one of them.

So this is my one and then market okay so now you should see a load of these things popping up and what you want to do is put it in full screen actually, and we want to check the mark, so the mark is the final sort of saving the mark sort of thing, so you want that one now we don't want it to send what our work is.

We want to send our modified work so we're going to left-click it and then click Edit and resend and you'll see all.

These and you'll see this now we want to you based change the score so it's this yes the school we want to change so let's do that here so you should see this is at the bottom of it that we want to change and you should keep ongoing.

Until you see q1 score and right now that's 0. Still, you don't want it to be 0 we want it to be like our thing, so you want to look so we're going to look on the right we're going to look on the first question, and it's out of 14 so now that, were on here question one score equals going to change that from zero to fourteen and then we're going to do that with question two.

So we've got one out of twelve on that one it won't work if you don't get one wrong.

So question two score is equal to the one we're going to change it to 12 questions three.

Score it is equal to we want to question three to be equal to 12 so let's do that and then question four is six, so we want to make that equal to six it's a question four score is equal to six.

Now if you don't get one right then it will not work, and if you don't see this green then it will not work either, and it only works with the top score so you can't like change this it only works with the head store you can't give yourself 110 per cent for example and then click send and mine's gone.

My Maths Hack

Green so my pants work so now let's close that, and now this is all marked and everything we can go also we can go back, and it should go because we've done.

It and then when we have gone to scores calculation which is the one we just did you got a hundred per cent and trust me, this works on everything these are all.

The ones I've done but yeah now in some cases like on this one here the actual if like the exact things so question.

Three scores didn't have anything, so it didn't have a value after it that's because you've got zero so you need to make sure to put something in there,

And don't delete anything so yeah this will be the final my maths hack of the series I think this is the best one is,

It's my homework, and it makes everything so much easy.

I will let you know if it's patched, I'll put it in the title, but it's virtually untouchable so yeah.

Happy My Maths Hack

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