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Indeed Prime

Indeed Prime
Indeed prime were the best
companies are finding top talent prime
has an exclusive talent network in six
key hiring markets.

That's why Indeed, the world's number one job site, created Indeed Prime, a platform designed to help recruiters, hiring managers, and CTOs find exceptional change-ready technical talent.

Why do hundreds of hiring managers use
prime they will find the best talent.

Only the top 5% of candidates pass the
prime screening process encoding
challenges they will engage with
responsive candidates prime candidates
are pre-qualified and motivated with 90
percent responding to employer contacts.

They will make quality hires faster
reducing the time to fill important
roles without recruiting agency fees
let's get started first we'll search for candidates.

Set your candidate filters to identify location requirements define essential roles and skills selected years of experience range to identify a salary level.

let's search based on our filters

Danielle Smith is a top candidate based
on your filters, you can email Danielle directly with a short message then follow up by liking and sharing.
Danielle's profile now your Prime team is ready to help you client consultants are experts in technical and sales recruiting they are noncommissioned base and understand hiring managers' needs.

They maximize user experience by helping employers take full advantage of the indeed prime platform provide direct insight into candidates' motivators and deciding factors and ensure a successful candidate fit by understanding employer needs and offering and curated matches what's primes industry-leading pricing model subscription plan and paper hire both.

Models provide guaranteed success

Success guaranteed here's some exciting prime facts fastest time to rent eight days only top 5% of candidates passed reading tests and coding challenges 90% of prime candidates answer employer contacts 57 percent respond with interest your perfect tire is true round the corner start today with indeed prime.

Indeed Prime tries to encourage employers to think about such candidates by using coding tests on its platform, aimed toward showing employers than “non-traditional candidates” are even as skilled as children beginning of the halls of academia.

Seen helps employers more easily connect with not just some of the toughest to fill tech roles Indeed data shows that the toughest to fill tech roles within the US is programmer, where the bulk of job postings lie open for over sixty days.
In addition to serving a broader range of job titles, Seen has many other benefits for those trying to find their perfect match. Such benefits to job seekers include free, personalized career guidance that gives everything from webinars and work style assessments to one-on-one career coaching sessions. Additionally, personalized resume reviews are going to be provided to all or any tech candidates, providing videos unique to every individual with recommendations on the way to boost their resume.
Join Indeed Prime today
and start making
quality tech hires faster.

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