7 Tip's How To Write Seo Friendly Blog Post

When I started blogging i noticed that SEO may be a fundamental need for ranking your content in web searches (because it’s basically free advertising). this is often the trick that Google likes. If you're running a blog for an extended time now and still haven’t seen an increase in blog traffic then maybe you ought to give SEO an opportunity .


SEO isn’t rocket science. If you grasp the essential elements of program optimized content, then you'll easily write SEO friendly blog posts that search engines will love.

Translated as program optimization, SEO may be a process for optimizing the web content for search engines. It works when someone adds a keyword and search engines display leads to favor of these pages that have those keywords. As simple as that.

The whole process functions around specific keywords and this makes keyword research an integral element of program optimization. this is often the technique you would like to know if you would like to urge traffic directly from Google with none promotion or cost in the least .

If you would like to master SEO and obtain free, quality traffic to your blog or website, i like to recommend looking into the last word Beginner’s Guide to WordPress SEO. This guide contains practical advice which will assist you optimize not only your blog posts, but your entire wesbite.

7 Tip's How To Write Seo Friendly Blog Post

In this post, i will be able to elaborate on the precise steps needed to make a SEO friendly blog post. It doesn’t matter if you've got just started blogging or are doing it for years. you'll still implement these SEO tips and refresh your content.

Needless to say , the optimized blog content needs enough time to rank on the Google. Keep your first priority on building SEO friendly content instead of on getting instant traffic.

Let’s begging!


The foundation of an SEO friendly blog post may be a smart keyword research. Doing a search for a keyword are often a touch tedious but it’s also a fundamental a part of any SEO strategy.

Before you thrash out words that you simply think are often good keywords, you would like to focus what quite keywords your blog post might be ranking for. you'll also consider these questions.

How do I expect readers to seek out this specific blog post?
What would I type in Google to look information like this?
What will people type if they need to possess information on this topic?
These kind of questions and their answers will ultimately guide you to use a particular list of keywords throughout your blog post.

the way to pick the proper keyword

At this stage, you would like to seek out out which keywords have the most important potential to bring traffic to your blog. most significantly , you've got to uncover keywords that display high search volume but have a coffee competition.

I understand this will be a touch too challenging. attempt to pick those keywords that have low competition (so they're not the foremost searched words, but there's still an outsized number of individuals looking it up). you ought to be that specialize in long-tail keywords (instead of “blogging” attempt to rank for “blogging tips for beginners.

Use keyword generating tools

There are many tools to assist you find right keywords to optimize your content. If you're writing a SEO friendly blog post, keywords are an important requirement and using these tools will assist you determine the proper words. the foremost popular is that the Google Keyword Planner. Another useful gizmo is Ubersuggest.


After doing a comprehensive research on keywords, subsequent step is to interrupt down the areas on your blog post that require to be program optimized.

The headline: 

The title of your blog content is that the main attraction for search engines and clearly , readers. Inserting a keyword within the headline is significant . It’s the primary action step a reader takes when he does an internet search. Spend some little time polishing your headlines before you progress on to anything .

Subtitle Tags:

 aside from H1 (usually used as main title), other subtitles like H2, H3 and H4 even have an impression on SEO. If possible, attempt to use related keywords smartly in H2 tags. However, it isn’t a compulsory step but it helps your content ranking.

 The URL: 

Another important aspect for crafting a SEO friendly post is optimizing the URLs. As every blog post lives on its unique URL, it's imperative to feature the keyword within the URL also.

Meta Description:

 This is often basically a further text that provides readers an insight about the content. It can't be found anywhere within the blog content but it's what readers see in google search results.


Creating an SEO friendly blog post doesn’t mean you've got to compromise the standard of your content. The new algorithm is picking the foremost meaningful content anyways. Gone are those times when bloggers used ‘keywords stuffing’ to rank post in google. Now, this doesn’t work on all.

As a blogger, your main goal should be to supply blog posts that are engaging, fresh and value driven. If you write quality content, you're presumably to urge a hefty amount of social shares, comments, and email subscribers.
However, keywords are to be insert efficiently to SEO friendly post. attempt to use keywords throughout the content for the simplest results.


The minimum length for writing blog posts should be a minimum of 400 words.The content length allows search engines to crawl and index many keywords to know what the subject is about.

If you write tutorials or in-depth content then you'll write up to 3000 to 4000 words.


Images always add further value to content and make it more appealing to the human eye. Whether you employ one image or multiple visuals during a blog post, make it optimize for SEO also .
The images should contain keywords in their title that are relevant to your post.


Internal linking may be a good SEO approach for showing search engines where to seem further to seek out relevant content.
You can also use external links that are relevant and provides further information on a particular topic. If the web site you're sending people to is on good terms with Google (their content and domain authority are of value) then your blog post features a higher chance of pleasing search engines.


There are some amazing free tools that bloggers can use to enhance their blog SEO performance. Crafting an SEO friendly blog post becomes painless if you're using the subsequent tools:

Yoast Plugin
 WordPress users can go effortlessly about their blog SEO if they're using Yoast plugin. This free plugin indicates every technique which will help bloggers craft an SEO friendly blog post. it's definitely a recommended tool for each blogger. It makes the complicated process of program optimization so simple and accessible.

Google Search console

Another amazingtool for locating keywords. It really helps you work out what sorts of keywords people are using and it knows what Goole likes best.
Now, that you’ve grabbed the key elements of crafting an SEO friendly blog posts, you'll apply the following pointers and write spectacular content which will be easy to seek out . But within the midst of all this, don’t forget you're still writing for humans and not computers!

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