What Is Negative SEO?

How to Avoid Negative SEO.

Hello Friends, today I even have brought a significant post, and during this post, I will be able to mention what's negative SEO and the way to save lots of your blog or website from it.

 Friends, I'm scripting this during this post because the google ranking of the many people suddenly starts down, thanks to which the traffic of their blog also gets down. They are doing not understand why this is often happening, and people get very upset.

 Everyone knows that if we make inferiority or spammy backlinks on our blog, then it's a negative effect on both the traffic and google ranking of our blog. But even today many bloggers don't know anything about negative SEO.

So that's why I'm sharing this post with all of you and that I hope that you simply all will find this post very helpful. So let's start the buddies post.

 Before that, I should tell you ways you'll protect your blog or website from negative SEO; first of all, I would like to inform you what's this negative SEO.

Friends, when our competitors make bad or spammy backlinks on top of our blog or website, thanks to which the program ranking and traffic of our blog or website features a terrible effect, it's called negative SEO.
Many times it happens that a lot of bloggers create backlinks to enhance their blog ranking, some are good backlinks, but most are low and spammy backlinks.

 If you've got made unnatural links for your blog, then you'll know the rationale for the traffic and ranking down, but once you haven't created any backlinks for your blog.

 And in such a situation, there's a decline in both traffic and ranking of the blog, which you are doing not know the thought of why the traffic and Google ranking of my blog is decreasing, then maybe someone or your competitor on your blog are negative seo.

 Friends, at today's time everyone has got to achieve success in their business and such a situation, your competitors do negative SEO for your blog, thanks to which you lose tons of traffic and ranking, which might be very bad for your blog's SEO. 

 The way to know if you're a victim of Negative SEO?

 Friends, you've got now come to understand what's negative SEO, now let's examine how you'll determine that your blog or website has fallen victim to negative SEO.

 Friends, first of all, you'll sign up a manual penalty in Google webmaster tool that you haven't got any manual penalty or not. Because cases in negative SEO include unnatural links, thanks to which you'll get penalty notifications.

 But repeatedly it happens that Google doesn't offer you any manual penalty notification but many inferiorities and spammy backlinks on your site, thanks to which penguin algorithm is applied to your blog, thanks to which negative on your blog's SEO. The effect falls, and therefore the traffic and ranking of your blog are significantly reduced.

 But if you've got not received manual penalty and still your blog traffic and Google ranking are down, then you want to check your backlinks, and there's tons of chance that your blog features a bad effect thanks to inferiority and spammy backlinks wont to be.

 After being a victim of negative SEO, albeit you write a post of top quality, even then your post won't be ranked at the highest within the program. You'll feel that my post is of the simplest quality and it'll be easily ranked within the top 5 positions.
 But when your post is indexed then your post is ranked on 9th or 10th page, then it's a transparent signal that something is wrong. In such a situation, there could also be a manual or algorithmic penalty on your blog.

In case of a manual penalty, you get a notification in Google Webmaster Tools. Still, within the algorithmic penalty, you are doing not get any punishment, then you've got to seek out it yourself, which I even have told you.

 Now, friends, you came to understand the way to find negative SEO, now let's examine how we will protect our blog or website from negative Seo.

 Negative Seo the way to save your blog/website

 It's vital to guard your blog or website against negative Seo because we spend day and night on our blog and negative Seo features a harmful effect on your blog's traffic and Google ranking.

 Here we will not stop anyone from making bad backlinks on our blog, but we can prevent the harmful effects from these bad backlinks.

 Google disavow tool is one such tremendous tool that Google can save 100% of its blog or website, especially from negative Seo or inferiority and harmful effects from spammy backlinks.

 Google created this tool because tons of webmaster and blogger were complying that we've not created any bad backlinks for our blog. Still, our competitor has created tons of inferiority and spammy backlinks, and since of this, our blog Traffic, Seo, Google rankings are all down.

 Friends google disavow tool may be a tool that helps you to avoid this condition, and after a while, your traffic and ranking get better again. You'll also use this tool at a time once you have already created bad backlinks for your blog or website by yourself.
 So in both such cases, you'll be ready to regain the ranking and traffic of your blog using Google disavow tool.

I hope friends, you understand how to protect your blog or website from negative SEO, if you have any doubt or question in your mind, then you can ask me through comments, and I will reply to each of your feedback as soon as possible.

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