11 Facts About Why Traffic Did Not Come Your Website

11 Reasons why Traffic did not come from Search Engine on Blog.
There is no traffic on the blog from search engines, meaning there are some shortcomings within the blog.Getting an enquiry engine traffic after creating a blog may be a difficult task, which we also call organic traffic.Running a blog is straightforward,but bringing program Traffic isn't that easy.

 Every blogger wants to run a successful blog, where he shares quality and unique content and gets many traffic. But he makes many common mistakes thanks to which he cannot take his blog to subsequent level.

 during this article, i will be able to share several reasons why traffic from program isn't coming to Blog, when a blog isn't getting traffic from program when searching in Google or any program .

 If there's a sudden traffic work on your blog, then what are often the rationale for this, you'll read this

 allow us to now know what might be the rationale why they will be corrected within the absence of traffic on the blog.

 1: Your blog isn't indexed

 the most important reason is that you simply aren't getting traffic from program , maybe your blog isn't index.Once your blog Or website indexed,in search engine the blog starts coming in search engine.

 On demand, the program automatically indexes the blog. But to hurry up this process you'll submit your blog to different Search Engines, as your site becomes more popular, program spiders will go more often and index your content faster-

 Create an XML sitemap with the Google XML Sitemaps plugin. (If you're using WordPress)
 Submit your sitemap to Google through Google Webmaster Tools.
 Submit your sitemap in Bing.

 2: don't select the right keywords

Selecting the proper keywords may be a challenging task. Before starting any article, do keyword research, Keyword research may be a a part of SEO.

 After Kiwarud Risrnc type the right place keywords that folks actually look for . During your Keyword research, make an inventory of keywords that are beneficial to your audience and which are searched quite 500-600 times per month.

 When choosing keywords, concentrate to look volume, competition, and commercial value. Choose a keyword that's relevant to the blog, which has less competition and has good commercial value.

 I you'd wish to say that if you're easily rank in, select the proper Keywords is New blogging and use of Long-tail keywords, Long-tail keyword SERPs.

 the way to do free Keyword Research If you would like to understand it, then its information on HMH is out there .

 3: you're not using Catchy Headlines

Did you recognize that headlines are the foremost important a part of a blog post?

 A Catchy Headlines helps in recuperating CTR, as readers only look within the headlines to make a decision whether or not they will click on the link. Therefore, it's necessary to possess good and catchy titles to draw in search engines and your audience .Try including your keywords in your headlines.

 confirm your title may be a long-tail keyword; second, confirm it's within the tag.
you'll find recommendations on the way to write good titles.

 4: you're not knowing your audience 

 When blogging, it's important to understand your audience . Determining if there are enough potential customers for your business will assist you identify if you're within the right place. you've got a distinct segment Website and you've got to understand your audience. once they are browsing your blog, what do they need to read and what content are they curious about reading?
 to know this one, you want to use Google Analytics.

 5: Your blog posts aren't long

Blog post to not be long! this is often a matter of debate. Some bloggers suggest that albeit it's a piece of writing of 500 words, write quality and unique content, on the opposite hand, some bloggers suggest writing detailed and long blog posts with quality content.

 But consistent with my experience, content quality and long posts are vital to Google. Google's job is to seek out high-quality long posts, you ought to have a target of writing a minimum of 1500 words.

 In writing Lmbi post that doesn't mean post you write anything, you've got to write down within the topic is that consolidated information as you detail so whichever comes user shall complete information to an equivalent place.

 for instance, if you wrote a 500-word blog post or somebody else who wrote a 1500 words blog post, Google would put the long article at the highest of the SERPs to possess that information available intimately therein post.

 6: you're not Internal Linking

 Internal linking is one among the foremost important things to completely index your blog.

 Content link may be a strong signal to both search engines and users to be linked to your content is basically good.Internal Linking must important and allows  good  navigation structure, and search engines allow websites to crawled.

 Internal linking also helps in reducing the Bounce rate of your website.

 Internal links also help search engines know which topic is on the web site and therefore the website features a case content.

 Internal links will improve your CTR (click-through-rate) for your Google Adsense revenue.

 you'll see the right lending of the interior link during this post, all the required links are given in it.

 7: Not Optimizing Your Blog Image

 Blog image optimization is another effective technique to urge traffic from program .
If you would like more traffic, you would like to find out the way to optimize the blog image.Many Internet users search Google to seek out images and these photos bring traffic to your blog through Image Search.
confirm that you simply have used your focus keyword in Image ALT text.

 8: you're not updating your blog regularly

 If you're not updating your blog regularly, you'll not get regular visitors to your blog. you would like to be consistent to urge program traffic, search engines also search for regular and updated content. If you post regularly and consistently, then you're correct.

 to urge traffic from the program you would like to follow SEO properly. If you've got optimized your blog for search engines, program will send readers to your blog, you'll need to find out how to write down SEO Friendly Blog Post.

 9: Not having the right robots.txt file
 Robots.txt is your blog's important file.

This tells the program that the page and file of the location has got to be indexed and displayed within the search and not the location .
Make sure that you're allowing the program to crawl and index your blog, you'll view the Robots.txt file as: http://yourdomain.com/robots.txt

 10: You're that specialize in the Link  Quality Link Quantity

 There are some ways to realize Quality Link. you ought to specialise in Link Quality, not Link Quantity, a link to a well-liked blog can do quite hundreds or maybe low-quality directory links for your program ranking.

 I agree that it's difficult to urge backlinks from popular blogs but they're worthy, they're a more reliable measure of the standard of your website.

 11: to SiteMap Submit making

All the pages and posts within the blog, Google or the other program find the sitemap of the web site correctly. Therefore it's vital to possess a side in our blog, whenever Google crawler visits an internet site , it first checks the sitemap. The side has its own number of pages then indexed.

 Here is that the information about the way to create a SiteMap, during which I even have told the way to create a sitemap and the way to submit it.

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