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Given my interest in digital marketing and SEO, I even have handpicked 5 free SEO courses, and explained why these courses outperform others.

If you're an SEO professional looking to brush abreast of the fundamentals , or planning a career change, this list will come handy.

Free Online SEO Courses
I audited variety of courses and selected five in order that you are doing not need to spend time and energy navigating through the many available options.

These courses were selected because they're structured during a way which makes them useful for beginners also as for knowledgeable professionals. The language, instructions, and resources are direct, and therefore the material has been handled deftly.

The courses are listed during a sequence which ensures that successive courses repose on those before. this manner you are doing not encounter an idea that's entirely new,

No course, whether paid or free, is complete on its own. a bit like you can't learn world history from one book, you can't master SEO by completing one course. These courses complement each other , and it's advised that you simply complete all five for a far better understanding.

1. Moz Academy 

SEO Fundamentals by Moz Academy
Otherwise priced at $50, the SEO Fundamentals course offered by Moz academy is now accessible for free of charge . Apply code “wegotthis”, which is valid till May 31, at checkout and begin learning. the trainer is Brian Childs, Moz Training Manager and host of MozPod.

The course has 18 lessons which might take approximately 68 mins to finish without breaks.

Through this course you'll get an summary of how search engines work, the way to profile search queries, how these are often useful when optimizing content, and study Google algorithm updates.

If you're new SEO and unaware of the terms utilized in this domain, you'll take help of Moz SEO to familiarize yourself with the technical jargon.

The instructor, Brian Childs clearly explains search intent, sales funnel, and a spread of search results supported queries.

Course Outline
Where does SEO fit?
SERPs and Search Intent
Crawling and Indexing
Algorithms overview
Short videos loaded with information
Clear instructions, easy to know and remember
Helps to familiarize with technical jargon utilized in SEO
You won’t earn a certificate with this free course
No transcript available for the videos, so you would possibly need to take notes

2. HubSpot Academy 

SEO Training Course by HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy’s free SEO course sheds light on concepts that affect and influence overall site ranking. The course instructors are Matthew Howells-Barby, Senior Director of Acquisition at HubSpot and Justin Champion, Principal Content Professor for HubSpot Academy.
The total duration of the course is 1 hour 35 minutes but you'll learn at your own pace if you need longer . Divided into 6 lessons and 22 videos, the course is supplemented with video transcripts, suggestions for further reading, worksheets, and related blogs.

Throughout the course, Matthew Howells-Barby analyzes how authority and relevance impact search engines to get your pages, and the way effectively you'll create a technique to spice up ranking.

You will also find out how to create topical relevance, importance of blogging, and about HubSpot’s experiments that have resulted during a high-volume traffic, sales, and site ranking.

In the last chapter, Justin Champion has detailed how guest blogging helps create authority and discusses some related best practices.

Recommended For You Webcast, June 2nd: the way to Modernize Content Production and Data Collection to Drive Faster GrowthRegister Now Course Outline
How to Find the SEO Strategy that matches Your Business
Link Building for SEO: Scaling Your Backlink Strategy
Use HubSpot On Blogging to Rank 1 on Google
Building a Guest Blogging Strategy Powered by SEO
Comprehensive course structure
Detailed explanation of website authority building, backlinks, guest blogging
Video transcripts and other resources available
As this is often a part of HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing course, you won’t earn a certificate for completing just the SEO segment of it

3. ClickMinded 

ClickMinded SEO Course
Instructor Tommy Griffith, former SEO manager at Paypal and Airbnb, has become a household name for SEO enthusiasts round the world. He co-founded ClickMinded, a learning platform offering various courses on digital marketing and SEO.

When you enroll for free of charge , you unlock the mini SEO course. to make sure lifetime access to the course material, you would like to end the coursework and complete the assessment within 7 days of registration.

The course is split into two parts which are further distributed into several videos. it'll take approximately 30-40 mins to finish .

Compact and concise, the mini course walks you thru major SEO challenges, best practices, and customary mistakes that affect ranking.

Bonus point: You learn the precise methods Tommy applied for ranking Paypal and Airbnb. Above all, you'll have the chance to ascertain their actual Digital Marketing Framework worksheet which you're also encouraged to use.

Course Outline
ClickMinded Digital Marketing Framework
Implementing the Framework
Lifetime access to course material
Clear instructions and precise content that pinpoints the dos and don’ts
Downloadable slides
Necessary resource links appear below the videos along the way
ClickMinded Digital Marketing Framework worksheet
The free course doesn't accompany a certification

4. SEMrush Academy 

SEO Fundamentals Course with Greg Gifford
Popularly referred to as SEO Fundamentals Course with Greg Gifford, it's 31 lessons and takes approximately 4 hours to organize for the exam. Candidates who secure 80% within the test, earn a certificate from this free course offered by the SEMrush Academy.

Greg Gifford, vice chairman of Search at SearchLab Chicago, is that the course instructor. He starts by explaining the history of the search engines and gradually unveils the basics of crawling, indexing, ranking, and SERP.

In addition to the fundamentals , you'll also study proper canonicalization for duplicate contents, link analysis, mobile SEO, and therefore the importance of personalization.

If you're curious about exploring local and international SEO, this course will assist you understand the key points to recollect when optimizing content.

Course Outline
Search engine basics
Technical SEO
Link signals
On-page signals
SEO for mobile
Other ranking signals
International SEO
Local SEO
Access to the SEO basics
Certification upon completion
Course summary and transcript below each video
Short tests after each video
The course is primarily designed for beginners

5. EMarketing Institute 

eMarketing Institute SEO course

eMarketing Institute has put during a great effort to simplify concepts that are otherwise difficult to know . Anyone willing to find out the foundations should enroll during this free seo course.

There are not any videos and you would like to download the course material. The ebook has over 150+ pages. The study material is important to seem and clear the assessment.

It is one among the foremost comprehensive free SEO courses which covers technical and non-technical factors like , leverage branding, site design and development, and link building.

You will earn a certificate upon completion.

Course Outline
Introduction to look Engine Optimization
Understanding Search Engines
Search Engine Friendly Site Design and Development
Basics of Keyword Research
Google Rankings
Google Panda and Other Algorithm Updates
Link Building
Search Engine Tools and Services for Webmasters
Steps to Optimize Your Website
SEO Recommendations
Search Engine Optimization Glossary
Extensive course content, covers all the main aspects
Earn a certificate after the course
Lucid explanations, supported by images when necessary
Simple sentences wont to describe difficult concepts
The course material must be downloaded, no videos, recent numbers no statistics no trends and no updates.

The SEO courses mentioned above prioritize white hat SEO techniques and advise everyone to refrain from the short-lived unethical SEO hacks.

Strategic about your Title  meta description and tags

When you look for something on Google’s program , you’ll see many results competing for your attention. the sole way you'll tell if the search result has what you’re trying to find is that the title and therefore the description you see immediately after the title.

Optimize Google My Business account

You know how you’ll look for a pizza place on your phone and Google will show you an inventory of pizza places near you? That’s made possible by using Google My Business. Google My Business (GMB) may be a tool wont to manage your online presence across Google, including Google Search and Google Maps.

You will find it shocking that 55% of local businesses didn't claims their Google My Business to listing. So don’t sleep on this tip.

If you haven’t claimed your GMB listing then confirm you are doing so.  Optimize your GMB by filling in your Google My Business Profile, choosing the relevant category, and including images. this may not only help your potential customer find you, but it'll also give them some information about your business and thus influence their decision to prevent by your business.

Create local content

According to GoGulf, 46% of all Google searches are of individuals checking out local information. So how does one harness that focus so on get your audience to understand about your business?

Creating local content which will be of interest to your audience causes you to the agency for your industry. By local content, I mean the creation of content that's targeted to your local audience. this may require you to be strategic with keywords.

So as a florist, rather than creating content on the simplest flowers to offer your wife, consider the simplest flowers your customer can give their wife in Florida. That way you’re specifically addressing those in Florida and people who encounter your article see you because the go-to florist in Florida.

Get inbound links to boost the domain authority

As beneficial because it is to make local content for your own website, Moz revealed that link signals are a crucial local search ranking factor which will help enhance your visibility as shown within the diagram below.

Link signals include inbound anchor text, linking domain authority, and linking domain quantity. All this helps to boost the domain authority as this helps increase your local search rankings.

To improve your link signals you ought to also guest post local content on other websites also . Create valuable local resources that your audience will love.

Add your business to online directories

Why stop at just adding your business on just one directory when there are numerous directories out there. Adding your business to as many online directories (especially local ones) as you'll possibly find will increase your chances of being found online. it'll be time-consuming but it’s worthwhile .

Online business directories like Binge Places for Business, Yelp, telephone book , Angie’s List, and Trip Advisor will cause you to more visible to those that need your services locally. And to feature thereto , getting listed on these sites will cause you to earn backlinks from them which can help build your domain authority and increase your ranking on Google’s program Result Pages (SERP), therefore increasing your organic reach.

What you would like to require note of is that the knowledge on your business on other directories is that the same as that on your GMB. This consistency will help together with your rankings.

Ready to maximize local SEO
Over time Google has tweaked its program algorithm to scale back the organic reach of companies so on direct their attention to investing in ads. As alittle business that has limited resources, investing in ads could seem sort of a long shot..

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