Happy Christmas New Year 2020

Christmas, the big day, the celebration of the birth of Christ, Eid of Christ and Eid of the Lord is considered to be the most important festival in Easter after Easter, the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ.  According to Gregory Piety, Christmas begins on the night of December 24 and ends on the evening of December 25, while Julien begins with the followers of the church beginning on the night of January 6 and ending on the evening of January 7.  6] Although the birth of the Bible is almost silent on the date of Christ's history, the ancestor of the church in the Negevia Council in 325 declared this date to be the day of Christ.  It was generally believed that the time of birth would have been halfway through the night, then Pope Pius Yazdum formally recognized the birth of the half-night in the Catholic Church in 19211.  It is said that before Christianity there was a festival of calamities in Rome on December 255, so that the ancestors did not know the true history of Christ, the ancestral church called Jesus Christ the "sun of the modern day" and "the light of the world."  Considering that the festival was recognized as a birthday, [6] [7] Christmas is considered a part of the "Midnight Christmas", which is called the Christmas period, in which other events associated with this monument, such as the gospel.  Birth, Birth of John, and the circumcision of Christ.  So all these events are mentioned in churches throughout this period.

Religious gatherings are held on Christmas Eve, special ceremonies are held, family and social events are arranged, including Christmas rituals, gift trades, the arrival of Santa Claus, and Christmas Eve.  In non-Christian societies, the festival is also celebrated on special occasions and is declared the official holiday in most countries of the world on December 25. [8] Also, Christmas is considered to be one of the few days in which most  More purchases are made and large amounts of money are invested. [9] Likewise, special Christmas songs, music, movies and plays have been created and listened to on this occasion. [10]

 It has a special place in Christian festivals.  It is probably celebrated in the 200's and since 400 the festival has become commonplace.  The date of December 255 was probably chosen because the date of Jesus' appearance is near and in the East, the birth of Jesus was usually celebrated on that day.  Besides, there were always big celebrations in the East during this time.  In Europe, Christmas is widely celebrated in the Middle East, with the Anglican Church in England and the Protestant Church raising fierce controversy over the issue.  The festival was banned in Scotland until the nineteenth century.  Nowadays those who are offered turkey or baitin on Christmas Eve are given gifts, special songs are sung.  These are pure English rituals, which is where they originated.  The tradition of decorating trees, lighting them and hanging gifts on Christmas Eve began in central Germany.  Christmas cards and Santa Claus are gaining popularity in the United States.  Catholic churches and some Protestant churches worship this date at midnight.

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