Made Money For Blogging -Blogger Zune

Their square measure many guides regarding a way to build cash blogging, however here’s what makes this one different:

Made Money For Blogging -Blogger Zune
Made Money For Blogging -Blogger Zune

I’ve taken 3 totally different blogs to over $1 million p.a. In fact, the journal you’re reading without delay has created a complete of $5.3 million.
And during this post, I’m attending to offer you a piecemeal case study showing you precisely however I did it, ranging from nothing, besides my piecemeal playbook for beginners attempting to urge started.
If you’re ranging from scratch with no traffic or potent friends, it’s straightforward to wonder…
Is it cheap for you to believe you'll be able to build cash blogging?
For that matter, however, do blogs even build money? Ads? Or one thing else?

Well, let’s take a glance at precisely however I did it at sensible Blogger. Here’s my complete piecemeal method for a way to create cash blogging:

1. select a Profitable Blogging Niche

Choose a Profitable Niche
Let’s begin with a bit brutal truth, shall we?

Passion doesn't equal profit.
Neither will experience.
Hard work doesn’t guarantee something either.
For example:

You can be the world’s foremost professional on square-shaped tomatoes, awaken each morning with a burning passion to coach the general public on their immense superiority to normal-shaped tomatoes, and work till your fingers bleed and your eyes fall out of your head, following all the correct ways for growing a preferred journal, and…

You’ll ne'er have an opportunity in hell at creating any cash.

Here’s why:

  • Nobody however you provides a damn regarding sq. tomatoes
  • Even if they did care, they wouldn’t pay any cash
  • In alternative words, you wish an oversized audience UN agency buys things. while not that, nothing else matters. It’s a requirement for everything else.

In the case of sensible Blogger, I detected timely that bloggers get many totally different things:

what bloggers get
In fact, there square measure firms with $10 million+ p.a. of revenue in most of these classes. It’s conjointly a growing area with countless people:

Blogger Statistics - 2014-2020
The only problem?

Loads of competition. whether or not it's my previous employers Brian Clark or Neil Patel, my sensible friends over at Problogger, or the gazillion alternative “blogging regarding blogging” peeps infesting the social media area, everybody was out to snag a bit of the pie. They conjointly had a many year advantages on American state.

So, however, did I compete? The honest answer:

2. Level up Your Content Skills

How to build cash Blogging: The $5.3 Million Case Study
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