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Ok, ya’ll, in the week is BIG! I’m on the point of hit my one year mark since the launch of The Weekend Fox and boy will time fly! The past twelve months are full of on the subject of each feeling doable, however the complete purpose is HOLY COW I created IT ONE YEAR! I keep in mind hearing some foxy remarks concerning “most bloggers not creating it quite a year”. I don’t apprehend what all those individuals contemplate “making it”, however the actual fact that TWF continues to grow, has become my semi-consistent bank check, and fulfills such a big amount of wishes on behalf of me, I desire it's undoubtedly “making it”.

New Blogger! Read Complete (Tips And Tricks) - Blogger Zune New Blogger! Read Complete (Tips And Tricks) - Blogger Zune

Typically, I don’t journal concerning blogging, however i believe it’s natural to write down concerning what you recognize. I don’t contemplate myself AN skilled at blogging, however I don’t contemplate myself a complete starter any longer either. Throughout my journey, I’ve had tons of support and a few superb recommendation from mentors, friends, and different bloggers. when adding notes to my iPhone all year long, I’ve force the simplest of the simplest recommendation from those notes and that’s however this post came to life! whether or not you’re a brand new blogger, experienced  blogger, or somewhere in between, I’m certain you’ll get one thing out of this list.
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THE BEST recommendation I RECEIVED AS a brand new BLOGGER
DON’T try and begin YOUR journal IN “15 MINUTES OR LESS”

Just, no. If you’re serious concerning beginning a journal, take it seriously. It’s planning to take time, money, and energy to make one thing that you’re proud to publish. If you’re innovative to the blogging world, don’t be afraid to arouse help! There square measure such a big amount of individuals out there which will guide you on the method as a result of they’ve been in your shoes.

I reached bent on wife with The Confused period of time when following her on Instagram for a moment. I had been dipping my toes within the water, however together with her facilitate, I jumped into the blogging world with each feet. It took Maine vi months to travel from “I wish to start out a blog” to truly launching TWF with simply four posts. I might’ve been slower than others, however operating a full-time  job and making an attempt to be told the dynamical ropes of the blogging world was super overwhelming on behalf of me. I virtually started from scratch.

If it had been up to Maine, I most likely would’ve stretched the educational and prepping for an additional vi months as a result of that’s safer than launching the journal. however with somebody like wife there to encourage Maine, push me, and inspire Maine, I did it. And I’ll ne'er stop learning. The blogging world changes quicker than I will handle typically, however it’s a part of the work.

So don’t half-ass it. Invest in yourself and your journal.


When I 1st tried beginning a journal all on my very own, I signed up with Bluehost. when many suggestions, I jumped ship to SiteGround not extremely knowing what the distinction would be for the journal. shift to SiteGround was the simplest factor I might presumably do as a innovative blogger! Not solely did they transfer my web site for gratis, they gave Maine the simplest support doable. SiteGround target-hunting Maine through such a big amount of “newbie” issues and created Maine feel assured with options like daily backups and inherent WordPress caching. Their affiliate program is one in every of the foremost spectacular ones I’ve seen (some bloggers build thousands each month from it) and their hosting worth is extraordinarily competitive. I merely can’t imagine employing a totally different web site host and apprehend any new blogger can take pleasure in selecting SiteGround.


As humans, we tend to crave purpose within the world. Your journal ought to have a purpose, too. no matter impressed you to start out a journal are going to be a region of your mission, however choose it apart and slender it down the maximum amount as doable. you'll begin with one thing extremely broad, like “inspiring others to travel”, then again pull the tiniest details and begin recognizing the mission that’s hidden beneath that huge umbrella. Knowing your mission can keep you on target along with your journal, inspire future posts, and tell your audience what to expect from you and your journal.

Personally, I still return to my very own mission and modify it as a grow with my journal.


Ouch, right? NO. It’s the freaking truth and if ya can’t handle the reality, then don’t begin a journal. a part of launching a journal is swing all of your vibes and opinions out there for the planet to evaluate. therefore once wife told Maine “Nobody cares concerning you. It’s all concerning what you'll do for them,” my entire mentality of a journal shifted. I began to see things because the reader and not because the creator.

Ultimately, once you give one thing valuable to others whereas additionally intertwining your own story, you’ll naturally have people who do begin to worry concerning you. These square measure your loyal fans. Your biggest supporters (ya apprehend, besides your mom) can grow as your journal grows. simply keep in mind you'll continually give one thing for your readers. Don’t get too held in your own very little world.

Side Note: You’re continually planning to have the haters that can’t keep one's hands off from your journal. contemplate that a win as a result of affirmative, they clearly care concerning you. And hey, let’s decision it a win-win as a result of you bought that additional pageview, babe!

DON’T CONSUME an excessive amount of CONTENT BY different BLOGGERS

As a blogger, i really like supporting different bloggers. I’ve become a large fan of smaller and greater blogs, and that i apprehend that showing support means that everything to them. However, intense an excessive amount of content created by others will distract Maine from my very own mission and my very own voice. I notice that I can’t write as freely once I’ve browse too several blogs in in the future. I begin to evaluate myself or I begin to mimic different content that i really like. therefore each currently so I actually have to ascertain in with myself and certify I’m staying faithful my voice.


This is still a struggle on behalf of me, however i do know the importance of it. I worked in AN workplace setting for seven years before I started my journal and each day was terribly structured. I knew specifically what I ought to be doing nearly each moment of the day, however as my very own boss, it wasn’t straightforward finding the motivation. after I started keeping multiple calendars, I might check things off and a minimum of arrange for my success. I still need to feel terribly impressed to write down, therefore I ne'er force myself to publish one thing simply because it’s on my schedule. However, there’s continually one thing I may be doing to for my journal.

Just because you’re not continuance in and out, doesn’t mean you have got to be “on” 24/7. It took Maine a hot minute to work this one out. I recently stopped obtaining work emails sent to my phone, I attempt to not reply to emails when 4:00pm, and that i do my best to stay to a Mon – weekday schedule! the simplest part? I will modify my schedule but i would like and that i don’t feel guilty concerning it any longer. If i would like to drop everything and head to the beach, I do it. Feeling happy is imperative to my blog’s success.


This is simply nice life recommendation. Quality over amount nearly always wins and it’s no totally different once it involves blogging. therefore even supposing I simply mentioned consistency and schedules, I don't post one thing simply because my schedule says I actually have to [um, okay, sponsored posts don’t count here]. If the content isn’t flowing out of Maine and I’m not happy with a post, I don’t publish it simply because I actually have it on the calendar.

SHOUT IT FROM THE upper side

You’ve most likely detected that as a blogger, you’ll be promoting eightieth of the time and making content solely 2 hundredth of the time. Personally, i believe my magnitude relation is nearer to seventieth promoting and half-hour making, however solely as a result of there square measure additional platforms than simply the blog! that is why shouting it from the upper side is therefore vital. I still feel super insecure every now and then, on the other hand} again, TWF is my baby! I’m therefore happy with it and therefore the method it continues to grow with Maine. no one can ever care concerning my journal quite I do, therefore I’m accountable for being it’s biggest fan and promoting it everyplace i'm going.

If you don’t quote your journal and promote your posts, WHO can even comprehend them?!


Look, I get it. everybody starts with daily one. I full-heartedly believe that you simply ought to exerting to prove your value, however don't let a complete, business, peer, or anything tell you that you’re not value obtaining paid. Once you get one payment from a journal post, you’re a paid blogger. don't settle for simply product (unless it’s one thing equivalent in worth to your rates and you needed/wanted it anyway). The bloggers that do settle for simply [cheap] product square measure pain the remainder folks. I had a complete flip Maine down after I asked for a $25 payment to form up the distinction between my rate and therefore the product’s retail. If a complete doesn’t suppose I’m value that additional $25, then I don’t wish to figure with them. I’m completely value that $25 and additional. Once you recognize your value as a blogger, larger and higher things can begin revelation in your email. Trust me.

As a blogger, money pays my bills. a bit like yours. i will hash out on the subject of something, however do not ever build Maine feel unworthy creating cash.

DON’T BE AFRAID to listen to “NO”

Is it too unoriginal on behalf of me to mention, “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”?! swing yourself out there's shuddery AF. The time it takes to tug along a pitch or the center it takes to place yourself out there will build the “no” hurt that way more, however it’s planning to happen! At the tip of the day, one “yes” for each twenty five “no” remains a success! be after the celebs as a result of you ne'er apprehend WHO may be the one to convey you an attempt.


This looks obvious, right? Well, I didn’t treat it sort of a business for the primary many months. i used to be simply treating it sort of a hobby and it showed. the instant I shifted my mentality and took my journal additional seriously, therefore did different people! Brands started reaching bent on Maine. i'd with pride introduce myself as a blogger and that i would feel assured in my ability to make things that individuals love. Treating my journal sort of a business created the fireplace burn even brighter.

And therewith same, as of this month, The Weekend Fox, LLC is official!


Working from house is lonely AF. I don’t even have a dog to stay Maine company. I keep in mind sitting at the workplace table and that i would daydream of having the ability to figure from home. The envy was real after I detected of individuals that ought to build their own schedules and add their sweatpants. so I created it my reality and that i had no freaking clue the way to pair. With the assistance of the blogging community, I slowly started finding what works on behalf of me. I’ll continually be acceptive new blogging friends and that i believe tons on my girlfriends outside of the blogging world to stay Maine sane. notice your tribe, whether or not it’s virtual or in real-life, and hold onto them.

Then there’s self-care. Before the blogger life, I didn’t get the complete “self-care” factor. That’s most likely as a result of i used to be naturally doing it with my workplace job. after I worked in AN workplace, I exercised five days per week, had a glass of wine (often), frequently regular time with friends, and even got monthly massages! the instant I started engaging from home, I didn’t build those things a priority. It began to show each physically and mentally. Acknowledging my wants created the balance that I therefore urgently required between work and life. There square measure such a big amount of superb self-care journal posts out there, therefore save them as shortly as you choose to start out a journal. You’ll give thanks Maine later.

MY recommendation TO YOU:

After being a sponge for the past year and taking all told the recommendation I might, I came up with some things on my very own.

STOP PRESSURING YOURSELF to switch YOUR company regular payment.

This was AN epiphany I had perhaps simply a number of weeks agone. for thus several months I felt like I required to hustle laborious to form all the money. I had this misconception that my journal wasn’t productive unless i used to be creating specifically what i used to be creating with my workplace job. It ought to be pretty exhausting and flat-out discouraging. after I finally gave myself permission to let my journal grow at a slower pace, it became fun once more. My energy and inspiration came flooding back after I accepted that the money i'm creating is amazing! in reality, August is formally my most profitable month yet! i do know it’s planning to take time, however I actually have little question that TWF can still grow and can in the future meet and surpass my recent regular payment. I actually have the ability to try to to that and if that’s what you would like, then you are doing, too.

But if anyone asks Maine what I feel is that the very best recommendation for a brand new blogger?

MAKE SURE you like IT.
There are not any rules as a result of it’s YOUR business. Don’t try and duplicate somebody else’s content or sustain with another blogger. Don’t compare your day one (or day 1000) to anyone else’s journey. If you’re doing one thing you like, it’ll show. If you awaken miserable as a result of you have got to journal, don’t freaking pair.

Blogging has consummated Maine in such a big amount of ways in which. i really like the constant inventive facet and I’m learning to like the business facet of it all. quite something, the blogging community is one I’m proud to be a region of on a usual. If you’re trying to start out a journal, simply believe yourself. And if you’re ever in would like of a blogging friend on the method, I’m your girl!

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